An animation series directed by ZEPE


Each day, Mr. Passenger is drawn to a new direction of travel crammed full of adventures. Throughout all the journeys he has taken, humour and the absurd give rise to many questions and discoveries. Rather than merely providing answers, however, Mr Passenger’s restless seeking helps foster and nourish his curiosity about the world around us. This series involves a set of adventures, with an itinerant-thinker as its protagonist, that are rich in detours and shortcuts, and where nonsense determines the routes and broadens horizons.



Mr. Passenger is an individual with enormous eyes under a tall hat and long legs that allow him to take huge strides to get to wherever he wants to go. He is never apart from his pocket-map, which he frequently consults either to find out where he is or to check whether he is actually lost. Mr. Passenger’s main, most distinctive characteristic isn’t so much his curiosity, but rather it is his willingness to set off on any and every adventure that presents itself. His openness to the unknown not only fosters his taste for observation and his ability to savour every day, but also gives him a certain composure.


Miming-Bird is a long-legged bird, with black plumage and an orange beak. Astonishing for its sturdiness and vitality, but most of all for its ability to appear and disappear when and where it’s least expected.  It is a somewhat erratic travelling companion, but one who is always willing to help Mr. Passenger and shares in his every danger and challenge.  The Miming-Bird communicates with gestures. Frequently impetuous and having no truck with doubt, he will only provide practical solutions.


The creatures that populate the worlds Mr. Passenger uncovers are the inhabitants of the settings in which the plot unfolds. Motivated by curiosity or fear, they interact with the main character and, every now and then, accompany him on his adventures.  Each creature, comprising very concise geometric elements, has its own distinct movement pattern that is eloquent in the way it fits precisely in the space and the action. 





MR. PASSENGER combines different animation techniques and processes, specifically 2D and 3D digital animation.
This production took as its starting point the needs inherent to drawing and cutting, as opposed to the technical process and customary aesthetic of 3D images. 
This choice meant it was possible to preserve the graphic quality the author intended, bringing it much closer to the processes and aesthetic of traditional animation.
Although apparently simple, the characters and moving elements have particular characteristics. Each character/object is alterable in all of its parts, allowing a fluid  transition  between the second and third dimensions. 
Following the same principles, the minimal settings suggest a free and clean space, which enhances the dynamic composition of motion/movement and the linking of various sequences.  Technically, these decisions are already present in the modeling of the characters, volume measurements, skeletons (rigs), and in a complex set of  drivers/controllers.

The 3D animation will be achieved using Maya software, and all the 2D elements will be achieved using  Animo software.
Adjustments and final post-production will be done with AfterEffects software.








Original Idea: Cátia Salgueiro e José Manuel Castro Ribeiro
Screenplay: Regina Guimarães
Graphics, Characters & Storyboard: José Pedro Cavalheiro (Zepe)
Chromatic Models: Joana Teixeira, Inês Teixeira e Francisco Santos
Motion Studies: Luís Soares
Character Model Sheets: Rui Gonçalves e José Pedro Cavalheiro (Zepe)
Background Draft: José Pedro Cavalheiro (Zepe)
Background Development: Rui Gonçalves
Background Painting: Joana Teixeira
2D/3D Modeling: Luís Soares
2D/3D Rigs: James Thompson e Luís Soares
Layout: Rui Gonçalves e José Pedro Cavalheiro (Zepe)
Animation Direction: Rui Gonçalves e José Pedro Cavalheiro (Zepe)
Animation: Sara Boiça, Laura Silva, Margarida Sérgio, Ana Patrícia Almeida, Tiago Coimbra, Inês Castelhano, Ana Mendes e Luís Soares
Original Music & Sound Design: João Lucas

Teaser – Production Team: AIM – Estúdios de Animação
Teaser – Executive Producer: Jonas César
Teaser – Production & Animation Direction: José Teixeira e José Fernandes
Teaser – Animation: Nayden Nikolov, Daniela Carvalho, Carlos Marques, João Sousa, André Cunha e David Monteiro
Teaser – Original Music & Sound Design: João Lucas
Teaser – Narrator Voice: Manuela Azevedo
Teaser – Color: Joana Teixeira

Production Secretary: Cátia Martins
Production Coordinator: Luís Soares
Production Manager: José Pedro Cavalheiro (Zepe)
Producer: Luís Correia


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Estudios de animaciónICAIC (Cuba)
Kecskemét Animation Film Production (Hungria)
TAL TV – Televisión America Latina

Financial support

José Pedro Cavalheiro (Zepe) é investigador do CIEBA