GAVIÃO (Sparrowhawk) is the name of a village set on the hillside of a range of rocky peaks inhabited by huge Vultures.
It is in this village in the centre of Portugal, close to where the river Tagus crosses the monumental Portas de Rodão, that OCIDENTAL FILMES decided to develop their project  ANIMATIONFARM.
Installed in a centuries old manor house, ANIMATIONFARM is intent on being a training centre for animated film, and on evolving a production and international co-production hub where research and experimentation play a central role.
In collaboration with national and international academic institutions, the project is evolving a set of activities which, as well as producing and exhibiting, will also include developing post-graduate courses, workshops and artistic residences, to name a few.
ANIMATIONFARM is an Ocidental Filmes project. OCIDENTAL FILMES is a production company set up by Luís Correia, with the aim of creating an audiovisual production hub in the Beira Baixa, dedicated to developing projects of Creative documentary, webdoc and animated films.


Luís Correia

Luís Correia was born in Lisbon in 1960.He studied at the Lisbon School of Theatre and Film and has a “Master of


José Pedro Cavalheiro, aka Zepe, was born in Porto in 1956. He has a degree in Experimental Animation and

Regina Guimarães

Regina Guimarães, aka Corbe, was born in Porto, in 1957. Alongside her poems, published in editions of a confidential

Luís Soares

Luís Soares was born in Lisbon 1981. He is currently directing his second short animation – Suspension – with

Joana Teixeira

Joana Teixeira was born in 1991, in Ponta Delgada, the Azores. In 2014, she obtained her degree in Painting

Rui Gonçalves

Rui Pedro Ricardo Gonçalves, from Amarante, was born in 1994. Having studied at Porto Art School, he later applied

João Lucas

Portuguese – born in Lisbon in 1964 – he started studying music aged 8 and obtained the highest grade

Inês Caldeira

Born in 1995, in Setúbal where she also completed high school. She studied at the Lisbon Faculty of Fine

João Dias

João Dias is a character animator, who is responsible for the animation department at Ocidental Filmes. Before starting at